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Important Maintenance Items For Your Commercial Property

Important Maintenance Items For Your Commercial Property

Jun 04, 2018

Commercial property owners are always looking for the best return on commercial property real estate investments.

Here are a few essential items for your Greenville commercial property maintenance checklist:

Carrying Out and Committing to Improved Property Management

This means staying on top of any work that needs to be done. Does the roof need repairs from winter? Have you checked for signs of rodents and termites?

Create a Maintenance Checklist

This will help you remember the areas that need to be observed more frequently and include everything from structural to aesthetic issues. Are the windows energy efficient? Are any of the windows cracked?

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Landscape says a lot about your building. When people arrive do they see overgrown bushes or is the landscape neatly taken care of? Schedule a quarterly walk through with the landscape maintenance team to review the exterior landscape.

Preventative Maintenance List

There are a wide range of tasks that should be done or checked regularly to help protect your Greenville commercial property for potential damage.

  • Roof – Inspections should be examined bi-annually to ensure that your commercial property roof if ready for the winter months and debris is clear.
  • HVAC System – It is recommended that inspections should be twice a year, usually fall and spring. This will help eliminate any potential problems your tenants could have. Maintenance should also include cleaning vents and replacing air filters.
  • Plumbing – It is important to make sure there is no leakage within the pipes and water lines.
  • Fire Safety – Have your fire extinguishers been inspected and replaced if needed? Sprinkler heads should also be checked quarterly. If damage is discovered, replace them right away.
  • Electrical Systems – Are the electrical panels secure? This is for a good safety measure to put on your list each year.

Maintenance is important to keep your Greenville commercial property in tip-top shape. Maintaining your investment property in Greenville also attracts future tenants and potential investors.

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