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Class In Session for Commercial Office Leasing 101

Class In Session for Commercial Office Leasing 101

Aug 02, 2018

When it comes to signing a lease for Greenville commercial real estate there is a lot to understand.  Take the time and familiarize yourself with some of the common components of leasing Greenville office space.


The rent section in a commercial lease will tell you exactly what your company will receive for the agreed upon price.  With a full service commercial lease, the landlord will pay for all operating expenses during the first year.  The triple net commercial lease means your company will be responsible for a share of the operating expenses from the start of the lease


This section of a commercial lease will clearly state what you are leasing.  It will include information such as the usable square feet and the rentable square footage.


The commercial lease term will state the length of time you are leasing the Greenville commercial real estate for.  This will also clarify questions on what rights your company will have when it comes to renewing.  Some leases automatically renew unless you speak to the landlord, while others give you a certain period of time to tell your landlord you are moving out.

Security Deposit

The security deposit is collected up front for any potential damages that could happen.  The amount can vary but is usually one or more month’s rent.

Improvement Allowances

This section of the commercial lease will address what money is available for improving your commercial space prior to moving in.

Use and Exclusive Clauses

Use clauses in your commercial lease will tell you what business practices are permitted and not permitted in the commercial space you are leasing. It is important that you make certain that none of the restrictions will interfere with your day to day business operations.

Assignment and Sublet Clauses

This section of the commercial lease will dictate if it is possible for you to lease all or part of your space to another tenant if you do not need all of the space.

Greenville commercial real estate leases are negotiable so make sure you are up-to-date on what to look out for.

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